working on music visualizations. 

working on music visualizations. 


i really need to update this site anytime soon. i am just to lazy to document my work, right now.

Occult Rites website is up.Music and show dates will follow. 

Occult Rites website is up.
Music and show dates will follow. 


see below. aren´t  finished yet.

Illustrating the Song “Given to the Rising" by Neurosis


I finally decided to start a band projekt on my own.
Mixing electronic instruments with traditional analog
instruments to create an audiovisual music experience.
I will therefore spent the next weeks arranging drumsets,
sequenced instruments, recorded guitar lines and
cutting visuals for live performances.
I am going to post my results here and I am further
planning to play some shows. stay tuned.


a small photo documentary of Norway’s nature.

Thz.789-358 is an audiovisual journey through another dimension.
Motion beyond the visible spectrum of humanoid beings.
This piece of work/experience should be seen as a long single audiovisual trip.

Material captured in Berlin,Germany.
Visual and Audio composing by Flo Falter.

O.Rites - Rain
genre: Electronica /Doom /Noise

(30 plays)
working on my online is a shot of the current preview site.

working on my online portfolio.
here is a shot of the current preview site.